Zelda and Sheik are characters for Smash Bros. Clash. They are switch-outs. You can choose between Zelda or Sheik before you begin. Zelda Keeps her traditional Final Smash from Brawl, where Sheik's new Final Smash involves her transforming into a dragon.

Sheik Dragon Form

Sheik's Dragon Form for her new Final Smash.

Special MovesEdit

Zelda Edit

  1. Neutral: Nayru's Love
  2. Side: Din's Fire
  3. Up: Farore’s Wind
  4. Down: Transform

Final Smash: Triforce of Wisdom

Sheik Edit

  1. Neutral: Needle Storm
  2. Side: Burst Grenade
  3. Up: Vanish
  4. Down: Transform

Final Smash: Ninja's Dragon Transformation