Swords of Justice

From left to right, Virizion, Cobalion, Keldeo, and Terrakion.


The Swords of Justie are bosses for Smash Bros. Clash. Their battle theme is the Regi theme from Pokemon Black and White 2. Just to clarify, all of them have the same strategies, but are fought by different characters in different settings. They are under control of and owned by 4 villains in the game, Ghetsis with Cobalion, who is fought last by Pokémon Trainer, N with Harrison with Terrakion, who is fought 3rd by Mario, Donkey Kong with Cotton Hill with Virizion, who is fought 2nd by Zelda, and Peach] with Bertem Keldeo, who is fought 1st by Kirby and Rabbid