Power Suit Form


Samas is a character in Smash Bros. Clash. She is always ready for a good fight. Like Zelda and Sheik, you can choose between her Power Suit form or her Zero Suit form before you begin your match.

Special MovesEdit

Power Suit Form

Neutral: Charge Shot
Side: Missle
Up: Screw Attack
Down: Bomb
Zerosuit samus

Zero Suit Form

Final SMash: Zero Laser (She then becomes Zero Suit Samu sand the cycle starts over again if you chose Zero Suit Samus.)

Zero Suit Form

Neutral: Scythe Beam
Side: Plasma Wire 
Up: Plasma Whip
Down: Flip Jump

Final Smash: Power Suit Samus (She puts on her Power Suit and the cycle starts over again if you chose Power Suit Samus.)

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