Meta Ridley

Ridley is a character for Smash Bros. Clash. He is Samus’ arch-nemesis and is one of the main antagonists of the Metroid series. His home stage is Ridley’s Hideout.

Special MovesEdit

Ridley Edit

  1. Neutral: Fireball
  2. Side: Command Drag
  3. Up: Pirate’s Flight
  4. Down: Impale/Space Pirate Remodel (Space Pirate Remodel is only available if Ridley takes 78% damage, and transforms Ridley into Meta Ridley)

Final Smash: Hunter‘s End

Meta Ridley Edit

  1. Neutral: Kinetic Breath Weapon
  2. Side: Meson Bomb Launcher
  3. Up: Ultrathermal Flamestrike Projector
  4. Down: Mechanical Removal (Space Pirates turn him back into normal Ridley)

Final Smash: Chaotic Laser Beam