Power Rangers

Power Rangers are DLC characters for Smash Bros. Clash. They consist of Tommy (White), Rocky (Red), Billy (Blue), Adam (Black), Kathrine (Pink), and Aisha (Yellow).

Special MovesEdit

Neutral: Power Weapon
Side: Dash Uppercut
Up: Power Dive
Ninja Falcon Megazord

Down: Switch

Final Smash: Ninja Falcon Megazord (This causes the player to take control of Ninja Falcon Megazord, gaining the ability to fly around the stage with ease, immense strength and super speed. He is immune to knockback, Hitstun and damage. This final smash lasts about 30 seconds.)

Special Moves (Ninja Falcon Megazord)Edit

Neutral: Sword Jab
Side: Dashing Fist
Up: Flying Attack
Down: Counter

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