Nikki is the mascot of Swap Note and a 3Ds exclusive to Smash Bros. Clash. She can easily best her opponents with ease.

Special MovesEdit

Neutral: Copycat  (Nikki puts on a unique hat depending on who she's facing, such as wearing Mario's hat if he fights Mario. The copied special attack will not be lost when Taunting, but when hit hard enough or KO'd she loses her power. When Nikki attempts to copy Kirby with no copied ability or another one of herself, she doesn't receive a copied ability. If a she coppies Kirby with a copied ability, then she copies the power, as well removing the ability from Kirby.)
Side: Bowling Ball
Up: Pterodactyl
Down: Bomb

Final Smash: Swap Note Barrage (Nikki writes lots of Swap Notes and flings them to her opponents, causing a good amount of damage.)

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