His two Mega Evolutions from Pokémon X and Y

Mewtwo is a fighter in Smash Bros. Clash. He is very powerful and very great to play as. His home stage is Final Destination. He will be unlocked when you defeat Boss Rush Mode with Lucario. Once unlocked, his Awakened Form will become another final boss for Adventure Mode when the difficulty is Normal or higher.

Special MovesEdit

  1. Neutral: Shadow Ball
  2. Side: Confusion
  3. Up: Teleport
  4. Down: Disable

Final Smash: Psystrike (unlike in previous versions, where Mewtwo changes into Mega Mewtwo Y when he uses his final smash, he changes into both Mega Mewtwo X and Y randomly when using Psystrike)

NOTE: Mega Mewtwo X can get knockback, Hitstun and damage in Adventure Mode as a boss.