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Mega Man

Mega Man is an unlockable character for Smash Bros. Clash. He can be unlocked by clearing any Target Test level with all characters but him.

Special MovesEdit

Neutral: Mega Blaster (Works just like Samus' Charge Shot)
Side: Mega Arm (You will shoot one of your arms at the opponent you can also grab items from a distance.)
Up: Mega Uppercut
Down: Adapter

Final Smash: Hyper Mega Man Adaptor (He will combine with rush eddie and beat and will extend wings and grow in size. You will also gain a rocket pack.)


Fire Storm: Envelops you in protective fire and launches a fireball at the speed of a charged buster shot. Mega can't be stunned or damaged while the sheild part is active.

Metal Blade: Throw a saw blade that damages and cuts through enemy sheilds, even Fox's Barrier. However, you can only throw one at a time.

Search Snake: Fire up to two robotic snakes at a time that follow opponents around and bite them when close enough.

Flash Stopper: Send out a stunning flash of light and fire three regular buster shots at opponents while they're dazed.

Napalm Bomb: Throw a bouncing grenade at the ground, and on impact or after a certain time, the grenade explodes and damages nearby enemies

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