Bow to me!


Ganondorf, or Ganon for short, is a character for Smash Bros Clash. He is the Prince of Darkness. He's unlocked by defeating him in Story Mode.

Special MovesEdit

Neutral: Dark Fist
Side: Flaming Grrip
Up: Dark Dive
Down: Gloom Kick

Final Smash: Beast Ganon (It causes him to turn into Beast Ganon from Twilight Princess, gaining immense strength. While in this form, he is immune to knockback, but can still receive Hitstun and damage, which may leave Ganondorf
Beast Ganon


severely weakened and open to KOs after the Final Smash. The transformation lasts about 25 seconds. He gains no new abilities while as Beast Ganon, though his existing abilities become more powerful, and most gain elemental side effects, just like Giga Bowser.)

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