Darkrai is the 3rd to last boss of Smash Bros. Clash's Story Mode. He is incredibly evil and ill tempered. He is fought by everyone but his playable self. His battle theme is "The Encounter" from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, where his cutscene theme is Akatsuki's theme from Naruto. He is voiced by Scott Williams. As a boss, he is about Tabuu's size, as a playable character, he is the size of Captain Falcon/Ganondorf. He is unlocked as a playable character when you defeat Boss Rush Mode with any character for the 1st time, but can't be played in Story Mode nor Boss Rush Mode.

Special Moves (As Playable Character)Edit

Neutral: Shadow Ball
Side: Night Slash
Up: Teleport
Down: Dream Eater

Final Smash: Dark Void