I will put an end to this useless fighting.


Alucard is a character who comes from Castlevania. He is voiced by Robert Belgrade. He's a really cool dude. Once you clear Adventure Mode with Ike, you'll unlock Alucard himself as a playable character.

Special MovesEdit

Neutral: Shield Breaker
Side: Dancing Blade
Up: Dolphin Slash
Down: Counter

Final Smash: Dark Metamorphosis (It causes him to turn into Demon Form, gaining the ability to fly around the stage with ease, immense strength and super speed. While in this form, he is immune to knockback, Hitstun and damage. The transformation lasts about 1 minute. He gains new abilities while as his Demon Form, which are as follows below.)

Special Moves (Demon Form)Edit

Neutral: Fire Breath
Demon Alucard

Alucard's Demon Form

Side: Demon's Claw
Up: Fly
Down: Earthquake Stomp

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